The Human Rights Dream Foundation Project Aims include:

  • Provision of Medicines and Supplies
  • Support to people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Construction or repair of a school
  • Vocational training for children who have discontinued their education
  • Activities that promote protection of children from abuse, exploitation and neglect.

The Human Rights Dream Foundation will support two new projects in Benin West Africa in 2013.  One is to aid the building of a school for children who cannot afford the fees. The second will be will be to set up a Peace Centre for Social Justice.  The centre will provide advice, guidance and advocacy to people who need it, especially women who are single parents and those who cannot afford access to the legal system.

Both projects will help us deliver on a large part of our vision and mission:

  • That no child should be excluded from a basic education
  • That no individual should be excluded from legal assistance and therefore justice.

The Human Rights Dream Foundation is looking for help and support for our projects either financially, materially or through working in partnership.