Welcome to the Human Rights Dream Foundation

The Human Rights Dream Foundation defends human rights, monitors freedom, and supports those who 
advocate democracy around the world.

We strive to support and amplify the voices of those fighting for freedom in repressive societies and work alongside defenders of democracy and human rights in their own countries and regions. These reformers include human rights defenders, civil society leaders and members of the media.

We support non-violent civic initiatives in societies where freedom is denied or under threat and we stand in opposition to ideas and forces that challenge the right of all people to be free. Our aim is to promote open government, defend human rights, strengthen civil society and facilitate the free flow of information and ideas.

Our range of programmes support this work with resources that include training, expert advice, grants and exchange opportunities. We press the United States, other governments, international institutions and regional bodies to adopt consistent policies that advance human rights and democracy around the world.

Support through understanding

The foundation of our work is based on analysis and evaluation of the components of freedom and we apply this understanding to strengthen our advocacy and to leverage change for the better.  Human Rights Dream Foundations rigorous research methodology has earned the organization a reputation as the leading source of information on the state of freedom worldwide.

In addition, Human Rights Dream Foundation offers symbolic and moral support through advocacy and visible demonstrations of solidarity on behalf of counterparts abroad, which can give them a measure of protection and may enhance their confidence to continue their activities.